Hey Dude

Hey Dude Shoes are anything but your usual shoe. Think of them as the ideal combination of your most comfortable pair of sandals with the look of a classic shoe. Combining a rugged vintage look with our revolutionary Flex and Fold Technology to give you a shoe truly unlike any other.
HeyDude’s Flex-and-Fold Technology supports healthy feet by stimulating foot muscles and nerves, while the unique shape gives the foot complete freedom of movement. Imagine stylish kicks with the soul of classic comfortable shoes –that’s HeyDude.
Shoe trends are evolving, customers no longer want designer shoes without the comfort, or classic shoes without style. Hey Dude offers cool shoes that are as comfortable as a slipper and ultra light weight. Lightweight shoes provide freedom of movement -and being one of the trendiest slip on shoes, providing comfort and style is what makes Hey Dude shoes unique.

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